July 6 is the Day of the Capital City of the Republic of Kazakhstan! We invite you to EXPO-2017!


We invite you to celebrate this bright holiday together at EXPO-2017! 
The program is full of choreographic performances and appearances of our favorite artists. On this day, for you such celebrities will sing as: Roza Rymbaeva, Asylbek Ensepov and Ali Okapov; Erbolat Kudaybergenov and the ‘MuzArt Life’; ‘The Magic of Nomads’ and the ‘Orda’ group; Mayra Mukhamedkyzy and Talgat Musabaev; Julio Iglesias and the ‘Gipsy Kings’; Zhandos Aydynuly and the ‘BN’ group; Alessandro Safina and ‘Serper’ dombra ensemble.

We are waiting for you at Amphitheater, at 09:30 pm!

Source: expo2017astana.com