Upon closure of EXPO-2017, an IT Park will be established in the Exhibition area


Among the projects to be located in the EXPO-2017 Exhibition area upon termination thereof will be the IT Startups International Technopark

This was mentioned as early as January, this year, by President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev in his Message to the people of the country.

“I instruct the Government to establish an IT Startups International Technopark on the base of an EXPO-2017 facility. It must become the platform for attraction of entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world”, marked Head of State.

The idea of establishment of IT parks as local enclaves for innovational development in the sector became worldly widespread. It is enough to mention such large IT parks as ‘Silicon Valley’ in California, ‘Medicon Valley’ of Denmark and Sweden, Cambridge Scientific Park in the UK, Skolkovo in Russia and High Technologies Park in Belarus.

Establishment of an IT center in our country will not only offer opportunities of development of creative potential for Kazakhstani scientists and businessmen but also promises considerable multiplicative effect. New technologies mean new types of small and middle scale business, and new jobs. Ordinary Kazakhstani people will get an opportunity to make money on IT products. The labor market itself will change: skilled workmen will be in demand.

And as of now in the global public perception, the EXPO area is closely associated with future technologies, this very site will become the ‘alma mater’ for the new Kazakhstani innovational center.

When reporting to President of the country on the program of the Exhibition area development after termination thereof, Astana EXPO-2017 National Company Chairman of Board Mr. Akhmetzhan Yessimov marked that the Corporate Pavilion site already had the entire necessary infrastructure. According to him, Kazakhstani startuppers will be provided with the best conditions for implementing their most technologically advanced projects. It includes inflow of direct foreign investments on account of the adjoining International Financial Center (AIFC) and human resources on account of Nazarbaev University located not far off.

Source: expo2017astana.com