Folk concert at the Hungarian Pavilion


Are you at the Expo this weekend and you want to see something different? Come see our wonderful musical performance at the Hungarian Pavilion on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Interest in the Hungarian prehistory was predetermined by the awareness of our Eastern heritage. Determining the area of the “Homeland” and finding our relatives who left with our ancestors became a priority for the public. Folk music research has added a lot of useful information to discovering and understanding the big picture.

The trio of Andrea Navratil, Gergely Agócs and Áron Dóra have prepared a concert that showcases the connection between old Hungarian folk music and with Turk melodies. The renowned performers will sound the most beautiful melodies of Hungarian Folk music using a variety of shepherd instruments. The surprise guest of the concert is the nogai singer-dombra player Arslanbek Sultanbekov, an international star among the Turk people.